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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an idea that corporations have to consider the interests of customers, employees, shareholders, communities, and ecological considerations in all
Socially responsible investing (SRI) describes an investment strategy which combines the intentions to maximize both financial return and social good.

Featured archived article from 2003
green@work July-August 2003 Issue
Banana Split
Aside from producing two of the world's favorite foods—ice cream and bananas, which just happen to work well together—Ben & Jerry's and Chiquita are seemingly poles apart in every way. How is it then that these two ended up as co-winners of an award for sustainability reporting?
By Penny S. Bonda and Katie Sosnowchik

green@work Jan Feb 2000 IssueCover Story from 2000
What's in a Name?
Everything if you're William Clay Ford, Jr. The 42-year-old chairman of the automaker that bears his family name has been an outspoken and energetic advocate of environmental initiatives—a role he says originates with the company's founder. And one he’s anxious to continue in an effort to change the way the company and, ultimately, the automotive industry acts in the 21st century.

green@work Summer 2005 IssueFeatured archived article from 2005
Inside Out: Sustainability communication begins in the workplace.
Sustainability reporting has gone mainstream. But in their haste to affirm a commitment to environmental and social responsibility, some corporations may be neglecting their homework. A case in point is Ford Motor Company's rocky road toward credible corporate sustainability.
by Joseph Fiksel, Robert A. Axelrod and Susan Russell

green@work NovDec 2007 IssueCover Story from 2007
Recruiting with Sustainable Design
Some universities are beginning to choose sustainable education over rankings
Colleges and universities are honing sustainable design into a tool for recruiting top students, faculty, and administrators.
by Kyle Taft, AIA, Leed AP, MHTN Architects, Salt Lake City, UT

Between Blue and Yellow
Ecological Design

Actions and initiatives worth noting

Building: Success & Sustainability
HDR began has a small office in the Midwest providing civil engineering services to the surrounding areas.
by Katie Sosnowchik

Building: A Holistic Approach for LEED
A commited team stays on track with high performance goals for the whole building's benefit.
by Bryna Dunn and George Nasis

Green Building Top 25
Inspired to celebrate outstanding achievement in Green Building, we are privileged to present Green at Work's Green Building Top 25.

Read On: The Essential Guide to Greening Your Business
New guide helps savvy companies go green.

CSR: On the Road to Going Green
Employers are updating their benefits programs to encourage employee activities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
by Larry Filler

Energy: Electric Utility gets powerWISE
Electric utility companies are beginning to face the reality of depleting natural resources and are looking for more efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional energy sources.
by Lisa Laitinen

Facilities Management: Green Tools for Facility Managers
Huge savings exist in owning and operating high performance green buildings..
by Andrea Sanchez

SRI: Green Angels
Venture and private equity capitalists help sprout a new generation of environmentally friendly companies.
by Anne Moore Odell

Happenings on the environmental front

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